2020 Year End Review

Memo from Mayor & Council~

We started off in 2020 with so many projects in mind only to have the pandemic hit in March and postpone some of our plans. While we did close Town Hall for a few days until we could get safety measures in place, we continued to answer our phones each day to better serve you our citizens. We are open 8AM-4PM Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

We have followed the CDC guidelines dealing with COVID and trying to keep our staff and employees as safe as possible. Like you, we have had to rethink how to continue operations sometimes making difficult decisions to keep everyone safe.

Superintendent Matt has been busy keeping us all straight and working on grants and COVID reimbursements which will greatly help getting through this year and the next. Currently working on funding for a new roof for Town Hall and gearing up for our budget meetings in March 2021. He was able to complete several GIS projects and technology upgrades that were much needed. We were able to launch our new website this year, www.fayettevillewv.gov.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is currently working on a new draft for the Planning and Zoning Ordinances and will have those ready for you to review within the next couple of months.

The Board of Education gave the Town the rest of the school properties on High Street and Wiseman Avenue. In September we moved our Police Department into what many of us knew as the “New Building” built in 1953 and was later known as the Fayetteville Middle School and then part of the Grade School. The current school serving our community is the Fayetteville PK-8th Grade on W. Maple Avenue.

The Town Council and I are looking for the best use for the other buildings. We have met with several interested parties. Council has re-zoned the property to business with restrictions. Currently, part of the property is used for additional parking and the other serves as a temporary dog park.

Our Park Commission has approved a permanent location of a dog park at the Fayetteville Town Park. It will be in the wooded area along Park Drive. They are also working on the updates to the Skate Park making it more useable for different skill levels.

The Town had water damage to the roadway on Heslep Street. Our Town Crew was able to work with WV American Water to relocate and enlarge a water line as well as fix the culvert to aid in the drainage issue. We are still working on the other drainage problems along the creek that runs parallel to Lively Street.

As for the 2nd Avenue overhead bridge, we have met with the WVDOH several times. We have paid for a design stage which WVDOH is currently working on. Your Council realizes the hardship the lack of the bridge has been to our community; rest assured, they are working on this project.

Speaking of bridges and streets, Council approved the paving of 8 streets for the 2020 season. Superintendent Matt is working on the 2021 list. There are still 2 streets that will hopefully be paved in the Spring of 2021 once utility projects in the area are completed. All made possible by the Street Levy the citizens of Fayetteville supported again in 2018.

The Town of Fayetteville was recognized for its efforts to get every citizen counted in the 2020 Census by the U.S. Census Bureau. It is important to count every resident to help bring more federal dollars to our town.

We are up to date on the Town Ordinances, repealing those which were no longer needed and adding clarification on others to keep everyone on the same page.

We welcomed 5 new shops/restaurants to our business community in 2020: The Thread, Very Rare Vintage, Out of the Ashes, Pink Pig BBQ and jumping ahead, coming in 2021 Lost Appalachia! Also, The Station rebranded itself into the Station Market, a much needed specialty market for the Town.

We experienced heartache during the fire destruction of Secret Sandwich Society. Our community did what it does best, we all came together to support Lewis and the SSS family anyway that we could. This is who we are in Fayetteville. We look forward to them coming back in 2021!

Our CVB has worked with our Fair/Festival and Beautification Committees to make sure there were social distanced activities to serve in getting our citizens out and about while masked to keep others safe. Active Southern WV conducted different activities each month to again keep people active and not just sitting around. Our trails in the New River Gorge were some of the most visited trails during this year. The Fayetteville Bicycle and Pedestrian Activities Committee (FBPAC) was formed and applied for Fayetteville as a Bicycle Friendly community. Fayetteville was awarded Honorable Mention for 2020 with a great baseline to build upon.

In other news, just a few days ago in our backyard, the New River Gorge, was upgraded in the National Park System and became the 63rd National Park. It will now be known as the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve. This will create a 7,021 acre park around the bridge area, while the remaining 65,165 acres will be designated a preserve to allow for hunting.

All in all, this year of 2020 will be one we all remember for many years to come. We faced each challenge together, doing what we felt best for our Town. We remember those who were lost to this pandemic. We lift their families in our prayers, pray for our Town, County, our State and our Country and we look forward to a healthy 2021. Together with GOD’s help we can face anything, one step at a time walking in faith together.

We love you~

Sharon, Zenda, Brian, Gabe, Lori, Okey, Stanley