Charlie McCoy Town Park

The Charlie McCoy Town Park is located ½ mile from downtown on Park Drive. The park has three ball fields, two basketball courts, batting cage, skateboard park, a ½ mile health walking trail, four shelters, two dog parks, splashpad, and 10,000 sq ft paved pump track. The park also houses a trailhead to the National Park.

Skate Park

This is a free, concrete Grindline skatepark, with no pads and three bowls. The kidney bowl has a staircase and death box-pool coping. The flow bowl features a volcano and a window, with a mix of metal and pool coping. The egg has a tile and brick coping. The skatepark also has banks, ledges, a few stairs with ramps and rails and a jersey barrier. Newly added 10,000 sqft paved pump track constructed by Velosolutions.

Huse Memorial Park

Entering through the stone pillars at the gates of Huse Memorial Park, you will see the Lafayette Huse Veterans Memorial, which honors the men and women who served our country. As you drive or walk through our serene gardens, a sense of warmth and peace will surround you. Nestled in the back of the park is our Huse Mausoleum and Angel Park.

Janutolo Park

Janutolo Park is a beautiful area, complete with a gazebo and flowers, to enjoy a picnic. During the warmer months, there are music events and artisans set up to appreciate as well.

Shelter Rental Information

Each of our four shelters can be rented for $35.00. Call today with your choice!